Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Artificial Muscle Brain Dump

Hello readers!  I've finally taken everything that I know (or think I know) about nylon monofilament artificial muscles and rolled it up into one page that I hope can serve as a fairly comprehensive how-to and a handy list of related resources.  If I run across any new discoveries, I'll be adding them there as time goes on.  You can read the page here: http://writerofminds.blogspot.com/p/nylon-fishing-line-artificial-muscle.html  It will also be perpetually available under the "Special Treasures" heading in the right-hand sidebar.

Happy coiling!


  1. I think this muscles will be too weak. Fiber should be severely twisted right up to the moment of formation of coils and then screwed to the rod. Did You that? Or simply wrapped around the rod? Thanks for your attention.

    1. Hi Alexander. I do try to twist them about as tight as I can before I start Stage 2 coiling, yes. I'm not quite sure what you mean by screwing them to the rod, but they do have a tight twist when I put them on there.

  2. Each of my rods have an eyelet on the end.
    Before twisting, mark the first few inches
    of line with a sharpie, to better visualize
    progress of the twist.
    When you get to the point its going to snap
    if you pull it any tighter, or or self-coil
    if you let up any slack. Its time to brace
    the rod (as it will try to bend) and turn
    the drill and rod 90deg sideways.
    Then coil onto the rod from eye to chuck...
    Near the chuck, my rod has another eye for
    tying off the completed coil.
    I get about 10 rods ready, and mount them on
    an oven rack made from generic stainless steel
    construction set toys I get at dollar general.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that your efforts dont go unappreciated. Heres a big thank you from Germany, you helped me tremendously in getting those pieces of plastic trash to finally twitch and move as part of my thesis on artificial muscles.
    Thanks a lot