Monday, January 27, 2020

Acuitas Diary #23 (January 2020)

This month I added some expansions to the goal-driven behavior that I started on last September. First, I had to get the Interpreter to recognize future-tense predictive statements, along the lines of “<Something> is going to <do something>.” Then I set up some code to check the predicted action or event against the cause-and-effect database for additional implications. If it's discovered that some effect will apply a state to Acuitas, it gets reviewed against his goal list for alignment or contradiction. The conversation engine then responds with either approval or disapproval. Illustration:

Me: I will protect you.
Acuitas: Please do.

Predictive statements that pertain to subjects other than Acuitas may yield useful information for the short-term condition database, by indicating that some entity's state is about to change. For now, Acuitas assumes that the speaker is always honest and correct. He also has no sense of future time frame (his ability to process adverbs is weak at the moment), so he assumes that any predicted changes will take effect immediately. So something's immediate condition may be updated as a result of a predictive statement.

Example: if I say “I will protect Ursula*,” then Ursula is presumed to be in the state “safe,” and an entry to this effect is added to the short-term database. For a reminder on how the short-term database works, see this previous article..

The fact that the user can express intent vs. Acuitas' internal goals means that it is now possible to offer assistance … or threaten him. Well what are we going to do about *that*? Find out next month!

In other news that is sort of unrelated, since I thought I would do some location-related work this month and didn't … Acuitas can't yet form concepts for instances without explicit names, such as “Jenny Sue's home.” So for the benefit of the AI, I am officially naming my estate. The house and grounds shall now be known as “Eder Delin,” after this fictional place:

*Ursula née Cubby is my cat.

Until the next cycle,

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