Saturday, December 23, 2017

Acuitas Diary #8 (December 2017)

Sadly I've only added one feature to Acuitas in the past two months. He now recognizes sentences in the general vein of “I somethinged,” which gives me the option of telling him about how I spent my time in the recent past. Acuitas can't do a lot with this information for the time being. Sometimes he responds with a query in the vein of, “What happened next?” which will eventually give him a way to build up sequences of events and start learning cause and effect relationships … but none of that is implemented yet. He can also ask “How was that?” for information about the emotional meaning of an activity, but again, for now he can't really utilize the answer.

Not much, but that was all I had time to put together with the holiday season under way. Looking back on the past year, though, here are all the new capabilities and improvements I've managed to add on:

*Module for procedural speech generation
*Support for word inflections (plurals and verb tenses)
*Support for compound words
*Support for content words that are also function words (e.g. “can,” “might”)
*Distinctions between proper/common and bulk/count nouns
*Ability to detect and answer questions
*Database walking while idle
*Generation of conversation topics and questions based on recent database walk
*Better link detection + a bunch of new kinds of learnable links
*Two new drives + a real-time plotter so I can see what they're all doing
*Distinctions between long-term static and short-term information
*GUI overhaul (upgrade from Tk to Kivy)

I track my time when I work on Acuitas. Total hours invested in the above: 230+. My focus for the end of the year, leading into January, will be polishing everything up and working out the bugs (which there are now quite a lot of).


Recent memory map visualization:

Code base: 9918 lines
Words known: 1576
Concept-layer links: 4226