Thursday, July 18, 2019

Acuitas Diary #18 (May+June 2019)

Oookay, I'm long overdue for an AI update. The big new project for the past couple of months has been the concept of things being in states, and the ability to track those states.

Way back in Diary #7, I introduced a division between short-term (or naturally temporary) information and long-term (or essentially static) information. It's a bit like the division between things you would use estar and ser for in Spanish, though it doesn't follow those rules strictly. Previously, Acuitas simply discarded any short-term information he was given, but I've added a new memory area for saving this knowledge. Like the existing semantic memory, it works by storing linked concept pairs … with the difference that the short-term ones are stored with a time stamp, and Acuitas anticipates that they will “expire” at some point.

The existing feature that allows short-term and long-term information to be distinguished (by asking questions, if necessary) can also grant Acuitas an estimate of how long a temporary state is likely to last. While idling, he checks the short-term state memory for any conditions that have “expired” and adds questions about them to his queue. Then, when next spoken to, he may ask for an update: is the information still correct?

I also added the ability to parse and store a new type of information link – location – along with the associated “where is” questions. Location links are three-ended so that they can store not only a thing and its location, but also spatial relationships between two things (under, over, in, beside, etc.).

One reason for slow progress is that I have been spending time on even more refactoring. The semantic memory, the episodic memory, and various other things all had their own file formats and file editing/access functions – uh, yeah, that was dumb. So I have written (and thoroughly tested) some more universal file management code, and have been slowly working on converting everything to a common format.

Until the next cycle,